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TheWESTMelodies was formed in 2016 when Maurice A. West II decided that it was time to share his music with the world. For four years he created music and only shared his pieces with his family. As he progressed and found his sound, his brand, he was encouraged to take the chance and share with others.  

Maurice is an award-winning, self-taught, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer of inspiring instrumental music. He began his musical talents when he started to play the drums at church at the age of 5. His father is a skilled saxophonist who plays the alto and tenor

saxophone. Maurice, wanting to be like his father, picked up an alto saxophone in 5th grade and began to play as if he played before. From there, he played in the school band, jazz band and various functions. 


In March 2008, after playing the drums in various high profile functions and for bands while in college, Maurice laid the sticks down, and sat on the church Hammond Organ and did his best to play for the church. Now, he is the lead musician for his church and region and plays the piano for the local University and other venues/events. 

Music from the Heart, Composed by the Soul. His music is birthed from raw emotion and feelings. Feel the composition with your heart and embrace the emotion that each song brings. 

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